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15 Free Healthcare, Wellness, and Fitness Resources

By Craig Miller on April, 28 2020
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Some parts of our weekly routines are not easily replaced. It can be hard to find alternatives when gyms are closed and the public is being advised to stay away from crowded areas. Some people need their prescriptions refilled, yet may not feel comfortable going to the local pharmacy. . And many of us are struggling to cope with the lack of social interaction and variety in our daily lives. 


For that reason, we’ve assembled a list of free resources. Organized in three categories: Fitness, mental health, and physical health—there are free online workouts, reading material for mental health issues, online counselling, and options for prescription delivery. 

There is something for everyone. 



1. Down Dog - They bring a studio yoga experience to the comfort of your home. Yoga isn’t all they do, either. Their courses also include Barre, HIIT, and a 7-minute workout. Users have the option to select a workout based on their experience and length of time.

2. Planet Fitness - Planet Fitness is streaming free online workouts everyday at 4pm PST on their facebook page. For anyone who misses the daily workout, fear not! They’re also uploading previous workouts to their YouTube Channel

3. Strava - Many people prefer to run or cycle in a group. Without that reinforcement, some are finding it hard to stay motivated. Strava is a social media platform for runners and cyclists. You can upload your route, including how long it took, and compare with others. 

4. Peloton - Though they’re known for their in-home bikes, Peloton also offers workouts for stretching, strength training, and bootcamp workouts. Right now they’ve made their app free for 90 days.

5. Nike - Nike has made their training club app free for all to use. Their workouts include yoga, HIIT, strength training, and bodyweight exercises for people of all experience levels. 


Mental Health

Reading Resources

6. Canadian Mental Health Association - They have compiled a list of helpful reading on anxiety, stress, social isolation, and depression and the healthiest ways to work through such feelings at this time. 

7. Verywell Mind - A digital magazine put together by a team of writers and psychologists. Right now they are covering topics such as anxiety, depression, and the benefits of small goals and routines. 

Online Counselling

8. BouceBack - Available in BC and Ontario. They provide online coaching using cognitive behaviour therapy. The program is designed to help employees with stress, anxiety, and mild depression. Physician referral needed.

9. Counselling BC - An online information resource in BC regarding counselling, psychological services, art therapy, and psychotherapy. Helps people find the right kind of person to talk to. 

Meditation and Mindfulness

10. Calm - An app that offers meditation resources and lessons. They also have relaxing music to listen to during stressful times. And for anyone struggling to sleep at night, Calm also offers bedtime stories for adults read aloud by people such as Stephen Fry and LeVar Burton.

11. Waking Up - Created and updated by neuroscientist and New York Times bestseller Sam Harris this app is a great resource for anyone interested in getting started with meditation. New users are invited to complete a 50 day beginner meditation class, with each session lasting upto 10 minutes. 


Physical Health Resources

12. Rexall - They’re offering prescription drug delivery for those unable or uncomfortable with coming in-store to pick up. 

13. London Drugs - All London Drugs locations are currently offering prescription delivery. They are also providing same or next day delivery on all prescriptions, both new and refills. 

14. Access Virtual - Connect to a family doctor online. The doctors can send lab requisitions, refer people to specialists nearby, and send prescriptions to people’s preferred pharmacy. Free for those with MSP for medically necessary visits. If you don’t have MSP, it’s $49 per session.

15. Telus Babylon - A mobile healthcare app that allows people to check symptoms, connect with doctors, and access your medical records. Cost for BC residents is covered under provincial healthcare.


Key Takeaways

Disruption to routine can mean that important aspects of our lives become quite hard to fulfill. Whether your challenge is finding the motivation to get your daily workout in, managing your stress and anxiety, or finding the safest way to get your prescription refilled, there are free solutions available. 

Covid-19 Resources

We understand the critical importance of being informed at a time like this. With the situation changing daily, we wanted to provide you with a single source for helpful updates related to Covid-19. 

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