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6 Apps to Positively Impact Employee Mental Health

By Kandy Cantwell on September, 9 2021
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It’s no secret that people are focused on their mental health right now. With everything going on in the world, it’s important that we put ourselves in the best possible position to deal with the challenges we face. Whether it is loss of work, financial worries, fear of getting sick or other matters around the world, our problems intensify if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. 

The good news is that there are many mental health apps on the market that make taking care of our mental health easier and more cost-effective than ever before. Here are 6 apps that can help employees manage their mental health better

1. MoodFit


The Moodfit app promotes itself as “fitness for your mental health.” This year it was voted as the best overall mental health app. Whether the current moment is making employees feel anxious, depressed or stressed, it’s wide range of insights and tools enables them to better understand and improve their mood. 

The app asks users to fill out a questionnaire to determine the severity of their symptoms and help understand what they’re going through. Moodfit offers features like gratification tools, mindfulness meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy, and the ability to create and run custom mental health routines so your employees can improve their mental fitness.  


2. Headspace


Headspace specializes in meditation. For only a few minutes a day through the use of meditation, employees can manage mental health symptoms and conditions like stress, anxiety, anger, and sadness. The app includes hundreds of meditations, mindfulness training, and breathing exercises. 


3. MoodMission


MoodMission is designed to help users manage anxiety and depression through evidence based therapies and principles. 

The app gives your employees tailored missions which are simple, quick, effective and unique to the user. All the missions in the app are taken from scientific research, and upon completion, users earn rewards, motivating them to continually take steps towards improving their mood.


4. MyLife


The MyLife app teaches mindfulness and meditation through the use of short activities. It’ll help your employees find their quiet place so they can easily get tuned to their emotions. If they're feeling intense, overwhelming emotions like stress, anxiety, anger or sadness simply turning to the app can work wonders. There are over 400 activities that fit seamlessly into their daily life and ensure a healthier mind.


5. MindShift CBT


Anxiety Canada created MindShift to help people manage anxiety through CBT. The app provides users the tools they need to learn to relax, be more mindful, and develop ways of thinking that address feelings such as worry, panic, stress, and social anxiety. 

The app has features like coping cards, CBT tools, thought journal, check in, facing fears, and goal setting that are free to use.


6. Calm


Research has repeatedly shown that our mood is directly affected by the quality of our sleep. One of the best ways to improve our quality of sleep is to develop a night time routine. Experts suggest meditating shortly before bed and listening to white noise while falling asleep. 

Calm offers tools for both. Through their app, your employees can follow a number of their guided meditations and listen to one of their many sleep stories for adults, read by celebrities such as Matthew McConaughey, Laura Dern, and many more. 


Final Thoughts

Self-care is important. Even more so at this time. These apps can go a long way to helping their mental health. However, if employees notice that their symptoms of stress and anxiety (related to Covid-19 or not) are causing significant distress and affecting their quality of life, then encourage them to reach out to a mental health expert.

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