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Wellness Tips for 2021

By Corinne Prevost on January, 19 2021
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Corinne Prevost

Client Service Representative

For many of us, 2020 wasn’t quite the health and wellness journey that we’d hoped it would be. But as we turn the page on the calendar, we have an opportunity to work on our health and wellness goals. Here are our wellness tips to help you and your employees to improve your quality of life in 2021.



Create an at-home workout space 

Creating a home workout space is a great idea to help you along your health and wellness journey. You don't have to splash large amounts of cash to have an effective home workout place, either. A few sets of dumbbells at various weights and a pull-up bar is more than enough. There are tons of resources online to help you develop an at-home routine. 

Incorporate scenic exercise 

Vancouver provides some of the most scenic outdoor exercise spots to enjoy and take in while you exercise. By adapting your fitness regime to utilise nature, you experience more mental health benefits than completing those same activities indoors. Working out in nature also provides many small and big challenges for our bodies to overcome.



Invest in a pressure cooker

A pressure cooker prepares food like no other kitchen appliance. Unlike those of old, pressure cookers now come with lots of safety features (pressure release valves, safety locks) to ensure you don’t get burnt from the build up of heat and steam. Their real benefit is how much time they save. The ability to throw all your food into a pressure cooker, walk away, and come back an hour later to a delicious, home cooked meal is a fantastic way to save money (less delivery orders) and improve the quality of your meals. There are also fewer dishes when you’re done. 



Create a satisfying routine

Little victories pave the way for large successes. For example, a good day typically consists of small, satisfying routines. A good week is a series of those days, and a good month is a series of such weeks, all of which relate back to the small, daily routines. 

Start with one small routine that you think you’ll like: It could be as simple as setting aside 15-minutes in the morning to brew a cup of coffee and listen to music. Over time, you’ll develop variations and alternatives that you can swap in as you please. 


Use Your Weekends to Rest 

With many employees continuing to work remotely for the foreseeable future, it’s more important now than ever that our weekends feel different from our weekdays. They should provide an opportunity to take our minds away from the office and focus on the other avenues of our life: hobbies, entertainment, and relationships. This year, make sure your weekends aren’t just continuations of the weekday. 


Clear out the Social Media clutter 

Clutter doesn’t only exist in your home, it exists online, and especially on social media. There are endless ways that social media can have a negative influence on our lives, whether it’s following world news or simply comparing your life to the curated pictures you see online. In contrast, there are relatively few ways in which social media provides a net benefit to our lives. Evidence has repeatedly shown that the better people are at regulating and controlling their time spent on social media, the better they feel. 

Many smartphones can break down your phone usage by app, allowing you to see exactly how much time per day you spend on particular apps. Better yet, they allow you to set timers to limit your usage, providing an additional element of control over your usage. 


Final Thoughts

If the past year has taught us anything it is that how important our own health and wellbeing is. When the body and mind is strong, we are well able to tackle anything challenging life throws at us. Our advice is to exercise regularly, diet smartly and take care of ourselves.

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