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Tips for Your Summer Holidays

By Kandy Cantwell on June, 29 2021
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Summer is here and for most people it means that now is our chance to relax in the sun, soaking up the rays and enjoying sandy beaches. With high vaccination levels placing covid on the back foot, travel restrictions are beginning to ease. For instance, people in Vancouver may now travel to the interior and to the island for holiday and international travel is slowly beginning to start again. 

This year the absence of travel will leave a big stain on the type of summer we would normally have and in fact, crave having. We have compiled a list of important things you should keep in mind this summer.


Get Vaccinated before International Travel

With most of the population in developed countries now being vaccinated, other nations are beginning to open their borders. Some countries within the European Union are requiring travelers to show proof of vaccination. And even if you aren’t travelling to a country that’s requiring proof of vaccination, having already received your shot or shots will save you a fair amount of hassle on your return. 

The Government of Canada currently requires unvaccinated international travelers to quarantine for 14-days upon their return to Canada. After July 5th, any Canadian coming from an international trip who has been fully vaccinated will not have to quarantine.


Check The Quarantine Requirements of Your Destination

Not all countries have the same requirements for visitors coming on vacation. The UK, for example, requires visitors to either take a Covid test, quarantine for two weeks, or both, depending on whether the country they are coming from is on their green, amber, or red list.  

Knowing the travel rules of the country you intend to visit may seem obvious, but these rules are constantly changing. What may have been in place when you booked the trip may no longer be relevant by the time your plane takes off from the airport, so it’s important to stay vigilant about how countries are reacting to vaccines and variants. 


Plan Your Holidays Well in Advance

This year, planning your trips is going to be more important than ever before. Hopping in the car and going on a spontaneous road trip is going to be much more difficult. You’ll be competing for hotels, Airbnbs, and camping spots with everyone else that spent the past 18 months dreaming of a vacation—and they prepared in advance. 

Furthermore, some places may want you to provide proof that you don’t have covid, requiring that you receive a test a few days before your arrival. Unless part of your holiday plans involve constant covid tests (and you’ve grown accustomed to the nasal swab), it’s best to plan ahead so you can meet all the verification requirements. 


Use Your Vacation Days!!

A lot of employees were hesitant to use any vacation last year. Despite a stay at home vacation being a perfectly relaxing way to spend some time, with the stress of Covid and the complete inability to travel anywhere, many opted to just hold onto their vacation for a nice payout at the end of the year or carry some time over to next summer, when things would hopefully be better.

Though there are limits and requirements for travelling, it’s highly recommended that employees use their vacation time. Without giving your mind and body the time away it needs, you risk burning out at work. This can lead to all kinds of unpleasant physical and mental health issues such as trouble sleeping, irritability, headaches, and more.

Fall and winter were challenging periods for many of us. It’s not uncommon, during periods of hardship, to buckle down and push through as if nothing is the matter. This can lead to a release of energy, as your mind and body process everything that took place in the months before. Taking time to relax and mental sort out recent events will help you return to work feeling refreshed and clear-headed.  Stockpiling vacation for a later day might feel like the practical or utilitarian approach right now, but you aren’t doing yourself any favors. 


Final Thoughts

Though not a complete return to normal, this summer promises to offer travel and vacation options that last year could not safely provide. Instead of not being able to travel at all, we just need to make plans in advance. Being proactive with understanding travel restrictions, having proof of vaccination, and knowing whether you need to take a covid test in advance will allow you to relax and enjoy your summer. 

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