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Refreshed Desks for Refreshed Minds: Spring Cleaning in the Office

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Our friends at UBA wrote a great blog about sparking joy in the office. Here is a summary of some of the tips they provided. You can read the full article here.


If you’re looking around and noticing a lot of clutter in the workspace, it may be time for some spring cleaning in the office. A messy workplace can contribute to stress and anxiety and negatively affect the productivity of your employees.

Here are some things to think about when encouraging spring cleaning in your office.  

Cleaning Communal Areas

Office communal areas are for everyone to use and enjoy, but expectations should be set for cleanliness. Messy communal areas often frustrate employees and cause reduced productivity levels. Often, one employee ends up taking on the responsibility of cleaning, but this might lead to frustration. To avoid negative feelings, you could devise a policy, create a cleaning schedule, or create incentives for employees to take ownership and clean the communal space.

Create Logical Systems for Your Digital Space

Make time for team members to clean out e-mail and digital files. It helps keep systems unburdened with duplicates or gigabytes of unused items, making it easier to search for a specific file.


Dedicate Time for Cleaning

Consider scheduling spring cleaning time into the company agenda or make it a quarterly activity. This allows workers to prioritize the task, work together as a team and not feel like they have to find spare time to clean.

3 Ways to Start your Office Spring Cleaning

Here are three ways you can encourage your employees to start the spring cleaning process.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

Start with washing and returning coffee cups to the cabinet. Sorting and recycling old papers can also clear up some room on desks and in drawers. It’s also important to recommend that any garbage or food wrappers be thrown away at the end of the day. This ensures that waste doesn’t build up in the workspace and is necessary for hygiene and cleanliness.


2. Dust and Wipe Down Surfaces

Dusting, cleaning screens and using compressed air on your keyboard, as well as wiping down surfaces with a disinfectant might keep employees healthier and will definitely help them feel good about their space.


3. Personalize Your Space

Encouraging employees to have photos, art or a few desk accessories at their workspace not only helps improve the mood of your employees but may also inspire creativity. Plants are a great way to spruce up a desk as they absorb pollutants and carbon dioxide, and can enhance mood and happiness.

Next Step

In addition to organizing the spaces that you use daily, spring cleaning can also be a good time to audit a company’s online presence, update personnel on the website, refresh social media accounts and check that plugins and apps are up to date. Prioritizing the cleanliness of your workspace and getting organized can improve employee morale and keep everyone productive.

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