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Remote Work in the Summer Heat

By Damien Lacey on June, 2 2021
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Damien Lacey

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Some of you may find the blue sky and warm temperatures tempting you away from your desks. Others, if you aren’t yet missing the office environment, will certainly be missing the office air conditioning. 


Remote working presents a unique opportunity to enjoy more of the summer weather without sacrificing any performance at work.

In this blog we’ll share some of our favourite ways to bask in the summer sun while still having time to answer those emails and keep on top of our responsibilities. 


Work From Coffee Shop Patios

Coffee shops and restaurants have built patios for people to sit, sip coffee and work on their laptops. Make use of their hospitality and your portability. 




If your day isn’t packed with meetings, and you expect to have long blocks of time to work undisturbed, take your laptop to a coffee shop and spend a couple of hours working from a patio with an iced coffee. 

Doing so allows you to get some time outside of the house, enjoy the summer weather and treat yourself to a nice drink—all while staying productive at work!


Make the Most of Your Mornings and Evenings


One of the many perks to living in this beautiful province is the long summer days. Even though we are now nearly three weeks from the longest day of the year, the sun still rises before 6:00 am and sets just before 9:00 pm. Without the need to commute to and from work, that gives us plenty of time to get outside and enjoy the summer. 

If you’re a morning person, use that extra daylight and set your alarm clock a little bit earlier than normal. Use that time to go for an early morning stroll. If you’re not sure where to walk to, pick any nearby location, maybe a local coffee shop or a nearby park, and use it as a destination. Walking there and back simulates a commute, which many people find helpful for focusing their mind, gets the blood flowing and provides some time outdoors. 

The same can apply to night owls, or those who prefer strolling once the sun goes down. Ice cream shops, parks, and convenience stores all make excellent destinations. 


Step Outside on Your Breaks

Those strolls to and from the coffee machine and the snack bar provided necessary respite from staring at a screen. With those eliminated, some have felt obliged to spend their day without taking similar breaks, or if they have, they’ve kept them limited to their own coffee machine and pantry. 

But unless you really need that snack or third (or fourth) cup of coffee today, you can take that same amount of time and use it to get some fresh air. If you’re finding your office becomes uncomfortably warm during the day, even with fans on and windows open, being outside in the shade and enjoying the breeze can cool you down and prepare you to focus on your next task at work. 

If you have a balcony, patio, or backyard, make use of it throughout the day. Even something as small as standing on your front entrance makes a difference. 


Plan Out Your Day

Though planning is almost always useful advice, it can be especially helpful during the summer when motivation runs low and distractions are aplenty. Setting yourself a to-do list frees your mind from having to remember your plans, provides structure, and helps organize your day so you know when you can give yourself some breaks away from the computer screen. 

Planning doesn’t need to be complicated; the notes app on your phone or Google Lists is more than adequate. The important part is to consistently be tracking what you’ve finished and what your current priorities are.


Rent a Cabin for a Week

Working remotely means working from anywhere. If you have that luxury, why not pack up your bags and rent a place near the ocean for a week? Work during the day and spend the morning and evening hiking trails and unwinding by the water, what better way to spend a summer? 


Key Takeaways

Efficiently completing tasks gives you time to get outdoors. Having a routine that leaves room in the morning or evening is an opportunity to soak in the sun while it’s here. And, if your work allows it, taking your laptop to a nearby coffee shop or restaurant for a few hours of patio work combines the best of both worlds. 

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