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Strengthen Your Team with These Top Health Insurance Apps

By Kandy Cantwell on April, 19 2018
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Asana, Skype, Hootsuite, Slack: workplaces are becoming increasingly digital, with new apps emerging on an almost daily basis. But these technologies can do more than improve project management and office communication. The right health insurance apps can also help your employees connect more strongly to your organization, to their benefits plan, and to each other.


However, although these apps may be the future of the employee healthcare experience, employees and plan administrators aren’t always aware of them. To make sure you’re up to speed on the best health insurance apps, talk with a benefits advisor about the different options available and how you can use them.

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Want to get things moving right away? Here are some apps you can start using today to take better care of yourself, your business, and your team:

Best Health Insurance Mobile Apps

When it comes to health insurance, there are lots of ways new technologies can help you improve your team’s daily experiences. For example, apps such as my Sunlife Mobile and Manulife Mobile allow staff to:

  • submit new health insurance claims
  • view their benefit balances
  • access the details of their dental insurance and vision coverage
  • find dentists, eye doctors, or other health care providers in their area
  • research specific drugs and less expensive alternatives
  • learn where to purchase prescriptions at a lower cost
  • check the balance of their retirement account or investment mix
  • review the rates of return on their investments
  • increase their overall financial knowledge

Chances are, your carrier of choice offers similar technologies.

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Top Wellness Apps

Apps can support employee wellness in more ways than one. In addition to streamlining your office’s health insurance system, up-and-coming technologies can improve staff wellbeing and overall quality of life, providing the perfect complement to your existing employee wellness plan.

Interested in giving them a try? Here are some top wellness apps to get you started:


  • For weight loss and nutrition, introduce your team to Fooducate. This new app offers a refreshing “real food” approach to calorie counting and weight loss.
  • Help your employees track their steps throughout the day with Accupedo, a smartphone-friendly pedometer that anyone can use.

Mental Health

  • To protect your team’s mental health, MindShift is an excellent option to look into. Although originally designed for teens and young adults, this user-friendly app can benefit people of all ages.
  • Always wanted to try meditating but never been able to fit it into your schedule? The Headspace app provides guided meditations and mindfulness exercises that can be adapted to any lifestyle.


  • For better communication and happier staff, try OfficeVibe. This clever app provides an anonymous way for employees to give feedback to their managers and employers.


  • Simple and fun, Fitbit is a great way to help motivate your team to set (and actually achieve!) real fitness goals.
  • A one stop shop for health goals, Optimity can guide and track everything from water consumption and progress on health goals to stress management and community involvement. (Bonus tip: although this app requires a paid subscription, you can try it free here.)

Additional Resources

In addition to offering health insurance apps, most insurance carriers also provide helpful resources for improving your team’s mental and physical wellbeing such as:


As you can see, when it comes to health and wellbeing, the digital possibilities for improvement are almost endless. But remember: although technology is wonderful, companies still need a human touch. To ensure you make the most of these exciting options, talk to an employee benefits advisor about what’s available and how it could help your team. With a little research and some tech-savvy advice, you’ll have your office healthy and happy in no time.


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