Canadian Benefits 302:

Tax-Effective Compensation for Executives

As an HR manager or Chief Financial Officer, crafting a tax-efficient compensation program for attracting and retaining talented executives can be a challenge in today’s competitive recruiting environment.

This 1-hour webinar will cover effective alternatives to stock options, as well as options to increase retirement income, that can be used to align executive compensation with performance in a tax-friendly way.

Using case studies, you will learn:

  • Tools that can be used when crafting competitive compensation strategies to attract and retain executive personnel;
  • Performance options beyond the annual bonus, that work well for private as well as public companies; 
  • Enhancements to executive retirement offerings to address ITA limits on pension income.

Due to the technical nature of this session, participants are recommended to have an understanding of Canadian employer-sponsored retirement plans. For a refresher, please review Canadian Benefits 202.

CB302 is a continuation of our popular Canadian Benefits webinar series


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