Ask The Experts Panel 2023 Discussion 

Solving Tomorrow's Challenges: 2023 Experts Panel Discussion


In this fast-paced era of perpetual change, the work landscape is in a constant state of transformation. We assembled a remarkable group of experts in the fields of Tax, Employment Law, Human Resources, and Employee Benefits. 

Because our Experts understand that it is difficult for business owners, HR personnel, and financial managers to keep up with all the legislative, regulatory, and industry updates, they will share an overview of trends and rules that may affect your organisation. We answered your most pressing questions.  

Our Panelists: 

  • Ryan Anderson - Partner, Mathews Dinsdale Clarke LLP 
  • Mark Sherritt - Partner, Baker Tilly WM LLP
  • Judith Mewhort - Managing Partner, Montridge Advisory Group
  • Kim Osborne - Associate HR Consultant, Business Coach/People Strategist, Chemistry Consulting Group
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