Cultivating a Culture of Happiness in the Workplace

Happiness at work matters. We know a happy employee translates to higher levels of engagement, less absenteeism, and greater productivity which directly correlate with improved business performance. However, creating happiness at work is about the team more than the individual. It’s about fostering a culture that values meaningful work, healthy relationships, career development as well as having fun.  It’s also about stopping the things that get in the way.  

During our upcoming webinar, Preet discussed cultivating a culture of happiness at work as a pathway to business success rather than just a potential by-product of job-related positive outcomes.

Learning outcomes will include:

  • Diagnosing the negative behaviours and processes preventing happiness
  • Exploring the various ways to build trust
  • Determining concrete steps to begin building a happiness culture
  • How the different components of wellness contribute to happiness at work 


  • Preet Pall - Associate, Montridge Advisory Group



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